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About Us


HMCHA was founded by Ethiopian refugee Megersa Kumbi and his wife Abby Dalu in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2007. We are a non-denominational Christian organization working with extremely poor families in Oromia, Ethiopia.

We transform the lives of sponsored children through education and mentoring, preparing them to be leaders of the future.

HMCHA works in a destitute rural area of Ethiopia which has no electricity or running water and few roads. The Oromo people who live in these communities have asked for our help to improve their lives.

Holistic Ministry of Children of the Horn of Africa (HMCHA) is a non-profit public charity qualified under the IRS Code 501(c)(3) in the U.S. and is also registered with the Office of Charities in Ethiopia as a foreign charity.


As a non-denominational Christian organization, the Holistic Ministry of Children of the Horn of Africa helps children in Ethiopia rise out of poverty through education and mentoring.  Sponsored children and their families are supported economically and spiritually while they are empowered to achieve and strive to create change in their lives and communities while growing in their faith. 

The goal of sponsorship is to help students graduate, prepared to support their own families and contribute to society.


Commitment to our mission

We are a passionate team that seeks to meet challenges and creatively grow as community needs arise.

Faith in Christ

Through faith in Christ, we understand that we can change the world. Every child and family can have hope for the future as we work together to build relationships that sustain our work.


We develop respectful relationships and understand that listening to the community’s needs and ideas, and supporting self-sufficiency help realize the full potential of all.  We value work that will last and that creates sustainable change.