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Planned Primary School Needs Your Support

75 kids in a first grade classroom! Parents in the U.S. would be up in arms. But that’s reality in Ethiopia, where more than 20 percent of children drop out of the first grade. That means by the end of the year there are only 60 left.  By the end of 4th grade there are about 40 left.  We want to help make a difference in that number.

There aren’t enough schools in Ethiopia, so the Ministry of Charities has asked HMCHA to build a primary school.  It will have 4 classrooms, a small office and a storeroom.  

Part of the money has been raised, the floorplan comes from the government, and we hope to begin building the school in 2020.

The school will be on the grounds of the community center so students will be able to use the playground and come to the library and computer lab before and after school.

Please consider contributing to help make education better for children in our corner of Ethiopia!  Designate your donation to “New School”.  Thank you and God bless you!