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Waiting Children

Dejene, boy age 12, Grade 6
Family of 4, monthly income is $32.
Can’t afford school uniform & supplies.

Kano, Age 12, Grade 3
Attends her village school, her father gets approximately $28 per month, her brother had to quit school to help farm, father wants Kano to be educated.

Dereje, boy age 9, Grade 1
Family of 6, monthly income is $24.
Borrowed money for school supplies.
Parents are illiterate & want their children to be educated.
Eating less to try to pay for notebooks.

Deborah, girl age 7, Grade 1
Monthly income for family of 5 is $15 / month. Parents are illiterate, wish they had been able to go to school.

Guta, boy age 13, Grade 1
Family of 5, monthly income is less than $20. Mother collects dung, dries it & sells a bag for $.90, 15 bags per month Father works as day laborer, if he finds work.

Fikirte, Girl age 14, Grade 6
Family of 6, monthly income is $30, not steady. Price of school notebooks has doubled this year.