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Waiting Children

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Yonas, Age 8, Grade 2, Father abandoned family, so mother returned to live with her parents. Sisters were sent to town to find work, brother sent to work on a farm.
Genu Girma Age 13, Grade 7, Father farms on tiny piece of land, mother does day labor to try to feed the 10 children. They don’t eat everyday, their situation is desperate.

Birtukan Ababa, Age 14, Grade 3, She fled from abusive step-mother, and her cousin took her in.

Lidetu, Age 10, Grade 4. Parents abandoned him, he ives with an aunt who loves him. They are extremely poor, have no farmland, she sells homemade beer to survive.
Tariku Tilahun, Age 10, Grade 2. His mother was raped so his grandmother gave Tariku his grandfather’s name instead of his father’s. His mother went to the city to find work.

Zewuditu, Age 12, Grade 5. Both her parents died and Zewuditu lives with an uncle. He also takes care of 3 other children, Because he is very poor, it’s difficult for him to feed them, so they don’t eat everyday.