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Waiting Children

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Yonas, Age 8, Grade 2, Father abandoned family, so mother returned to live with her parents. Sisters were sent to town to find work, brother sent to work on a farm.
Genu Girma Age 13, Grade 7, Father farms on tiny piece of land, mother does day labor to try to feed the 10 children. They don’t eat everyday, their situation is desperate.
Bitilu, Age 10, Grade 5,
Her father died when she was a baby. Of the 8 children in the family, 4 have been sent away to work on farms. Her married brother farms their tiny piece of land.

Habtamu, Age 13, Grade 7
Family of 6 lives in very tiny house with leaking roof and holes in walls. Sister left home to find work. Farm is too small to support them.

Mogosu, Age 16, Grade 9. Mogosu has been sponsored for 5 years, but his sponsor had to quit. His family of 6 children & his parents don’t have oxen to plow their small field so they can’t make a living from their farm..
Fikir-adis, Age 12, Grade 6.
Her father was stabbed by an ox 5 years ago & died. Mother makes traditional alcohol to sell at markets. Their home is made of grass & leaves. Brothers sent away to work, sisters & mom live together.