Success Stories

HMCHA’s Founder, Megersa Kumbi

We are grateful for the vision of our founder, Megersa Kumbi.

Megersa, a refugee living in the United States, saw in his dreams a mountain in his home country of Ethiopia. He felt God telling him to go there to help His people in need. He dreamed this over and over, but resisted the call. He thought that he didn’t have the time or money to undertake such a mission.

Finally he gave in to the persistent dream although he had no idea where this place was. Arriving in Addis Ababa, he sought out a boyhood friend, Pastor Soboka Tesso, who took Megersa to a place he had been visiting for several years.

As soon as they arrived Megersa recognized Mt. Yerer, a place far from where he grew up. Soboka explained that in these small villages lived people who were mostly illiterate. They were the poorest of the poor. There Soboka had started a small church and he told Megersa he thought they could work in partnership with the Mekane Yesus church to help the children of the villages.  

HMCHA was born on that first trip when Megersa reconnected with an old friend and answered the call of God.


Megersa returned to the U. S. inspired to form a nonprofit and gather like-minded people to form HMCHA. Over the years from 2007 to the present the mission of Megersa and Soboka has proven to be one that works. Children are succeeding, families are prospering, and lives are transformed through the work and dedication of mentors who truly care and the volunteers who support them.