Success Stories

First University Graduate

HMCHA started in 2007 with 6 sponsored children. Negessu was one of those, a small boy from a destitute family who wanted to go to school. Perhaps he dreamed of going to the city, but in the end his heart told him to stay and help those in need right where he was. He graduated from normal school and started his career as a teacher in a village school.

When the government offered to pay for teachers to go to the university Negessu jumped at the chance. He studied during vacations for several years, and now can proudly say that he holds a degree in elementary education.

He is paying it forward in so many ways! Every Saturday he is at Yerer, volunteering with HMCHA, tutoring children who are now sponsored, just as he was sponsored. He helps organize the games that follow the tutoring sessions too. You can imagine that everyone lights up when he arrives!

Congratulations, Negessu! We are proud of your accomplishments and grateful for your contributions to our children.