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Her Name Means “Beautiful”

Wubalem was in 2nd grade when a couple in Minnesota sponsored her. HMCHA already knew her mother who had received two sheep from HMCHA when elders identified her as one of the poorest people in the village. Later, Wubalem was placed on the list of waiting children. One of her chores was to take the […] Read More

HMCHA’s Founder, Megersa Kumbi

We are grateful for the vision of our founder, Megersa Kumbi. Megersa, a refugee living in the United States, saw in his dreams a mountain in his home country of Ethiopia. He felt God telling him to go there to help His people in need. He dreamed this over and over, but resisted the call. […] Read More

First University Graduate

HMCHA started in 2007 with 6 sponsored children. Negessu was one of those, a small boy from a destitute family who wanted to go to school. Perhaps he dreamed of going to the city, but in the end his heart told him to stay and help those in need right where he was. He graduated […] Read More

Hopes and Dreams

Minnesotan Paul Jacobson met Eshetu at the bridge HMCHA was building over the Wadecha River in 2013. They became instant friends.  Paul asked us if he could sponsor Eshetu, an orphan being raised by his uncle. Eshetu has dreamed of becoming a doctor since the 7th grade. In Ethiopia, a series of exams at various grade […] Read More

Adanu, a happy 13-year old first grader

Adanu is the middle child in a family of 3. When she was 6 her father died. Her brother was 13 and her younger sister was 3. Adanu’s mother was desperately trying to feed her family from the proceeds of their tiny farm. In the end, she decided that Adanu would be the one to leave home […] Read More