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Sponsored Teens Receive Menstrual Kits

In September, 2021, Twin Cities Days for Girls contributed 54 menstrual kits for our sponsored teens. After a training class, each girl chose a kit to use. Embarrassed, happy, curious about the contents of their beautiful bag, they were all grins as they opened them and immediately started assembling pieces to see how they would use the kit. The looks on their faces and their profuse thanks made carrying the heavy suitcase to Ethiopia worth every pound!

Most of them use leaves or rags and miss school a couple of days a month. Now they will be able to confidently go to school, assured that the unobtrusive kit will go with them for when they need it. With care, the kits will last for several years.

Many thanks to the wonderful, dedicated sewers in south Minneapolis! You made their day with your beautiful gift.