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Sponsored Kids Worried about Sponsors

As we in the U.S. check statistics for our state and nation, our HMCHA sponsored children listen to the radio for news of COVID-19 cases in Ethiopia, but also in America.

Look at their drawings to see what they’ve learned about how to prevent the spread of the virus. Below are some quotes from a few children’s letters.

They are concerned about you! What might letters written by children in the U.S. say?

“I wash my hands with soap and keep our environment clean. What about you? How you’re protecting it? We are praying, “God, take Corona.”

“If you have symptom of this virus we should go to hospital. May God protect you. Stay in health.”

“When we hear about the effects of Corona in your country we are very worry. It also starts to expand in our country. We are washing our hands to save our life from this disease. I am praying God for you.

“All of my families are fine. Are you all fine? The virus spread all over the world. All countries are puzzling with it. It has no medicine. May God take away this disease from us. If we pray God, He will disappear this virus. We should also wash our hands for 20 seconds. Stay in health.”

“Now the world is in the trouble. The disease is very bad for a healthy person & those affected by it.”

“May God take away this disease from us.”

A clean hand

Read the Bible
Wash your hands, Stay 2 meters apart, wear a mask

As of July 20, 2020, Ethiopia has fewer than 10,000 cases of Coronavirus, about half of them in Addis Ababa.