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Primary School in Ethiopia

Community Celebrates HMCHA’s New Primary School

HMCHA is excited to announce the opening of our primary school in the village of Keteba. There are 2 buildings with 4 classrooms. On January 3 children in Kindergarten and Grade 1 were eager to start their classes and meet their teachers. Forty registered for this year; a grade will be added each year up to Grade 4.

Classrooms are furnished with desks, blackboards, and office supplies. A generous donor has provided funding to cover basic operating costs, which allows HMCHA to manage the administration and programming of the school. The Ethiopian government granted HMCHA the required licensing and said, “the school is so beautiful, it looks like a university”.

Classes are taught by three teachers. The curriculum includes Reading, Mathematics, Science, English, Handwriting, and Sports. The students use the Community Center Library, which sits next to the school. The newly built playground at the Community Center is also used by the students. School supplies will need to be replenished, so HMCHA invites you to help with ongoing costs.

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