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HMCHA Children Write

Is HMCHA making an impact in the lives of sponsored children?  One way to know is to read some letters to their sponsors. Each child writes twice a year to tell about their lives, their school and to express their gratitude to their sponsors.

We hope you take some time to read what they’ve written to get a glimpse into their lives and progress.

Dear Sponsor,
Good morning my sponosr?

I am going to school three days in the week. I have three chickens. I have clothes. I have mask too. I have pens, exercise book. I have everything. I love you my sponsor.

Meron Cherinet

How are you? I am pretty well. Thanks to God. This year I am in 8th grade. I like physics. Your sponsor money bought many things for me. I have clothes, sheep and chickens. So, I have special thanks for you. We celebrated Christmas in a wonderful way. We were very rejoiced.
I love you so much. Peace be to you.

Your beloved daughter.

Alemnesh Dergu

How are you, my family?

We are not going to school because of corona. Corona cause to fear. Many countries are fear this disease. Not only some countries, the whole world is in trouble. First, it was found in China. Is corona reach where you live? If it arrives, may God rescue you. The way we can take care for our life is washing our hands for twenty seconds and have massaging our hands with alcohol. Using masks. This virus has no cure so we have to take care of our lives. The only medicine for this virus is God. We should pray always. May God protect us from this disease. I got another sister in January /2020

Feleka Tsegaye

May God’s peace be to you. I am fine, thanks. Are you well?
Because of Coronavirus now I am staying home with my mother, I’m helping her collect firewood. The place we go is about 2 ½ hours from our home.  We go about 1 ½ hour to get water.

I have 5 books which I took from school.  I read them sometimes.

Stay in health,