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Christmas Celebration at Keteba Community Center

The hope of salvation that God brought to the world through the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated all around the world. The Ethiopian calendar celebrates Christmas on January 7 each year. This year the village children celebrated Christmas at the HMCHA Community Center in the village of Keteba about a week early.

The kids were told the story of Jesus’ birth through pictures and read bible verses from the gospel of Luke. For some of the kids, this was their first exposure to the bible and the story of Jesus’ birth. Many of the children brought their New Testament bibles that are written in their home language of Oromiffa.

The holistic work and programming of HMCHA in the Yerer & Keteba villages southeast of the capital city of Addis Ababa continues every day and focuses on the needs of the children. Not only does HMCHA meet the physical and educational needs of the kids, but also offers opportunities to build their faith in a loving God that cares for them. The Christmas season is a perfect time to celebrate and praise the creator of the universe!